Order Indian Food Online We will bring your favourite Indian Food to your door step!! We deliver in less than 45 minutes.

About Hungry FREE

To make a place for us with the rapid growth of online e-commerce market and to bridge the gap between restaurants and busy urban life, HungryFree aims quick, convenient and cost-effective food delivery service for the city dwellers. HungryFree starts it operation from the No.1 Smart City of India : the Bhubaneswar, a city of more than 1 million population and a city of modern and tradition. To address the need of city consumers we provide Indian, foreign, tandoori, Chinese as well as ethnic Odia and temple foods. We have a network of more than 500 restaurants across Bhubaneswar. Simply to save time and money of our customers we provide ready-to-eat fresh foods at their doorstep in affordable price and quickly.

Don’t Waste, DONATE
Not only are we doing business. Our delivery guys are committed to social cause too. Apart from delivering food we are giving free service to poor, needy and hungry people. Don’t waste your surplus food, DONATE it. We will take care of your food and we will feed it to homeless poor people in your city.

Eliminate Hunger
Please be a part of our mission to eliminate hunger from our society. Donate a meal for hungry people. In return we will send you their smiling photos.